Our Mission

 To provide exceptional service of credit repair,  equipping our clients with the tools to maintain an impressive credit profile, and leveraging their credit to unlock limitless opportunities. 

Aneesa Getaneh, a Los Angeles native, is passionate about her community.

After receiving her Master degree from Pepperdine University in Social Entrepreneurship, Aneesa set out to apply her training to establishing a CNA School for low-income members of the Los Angeles community. Nevertheless, she was denied a loan to start the nursing school. After many attempts, she realized that her major roadblock was her credit. In response to what felt like a setback, Aneesa began educating herself and ultimately became a Certified Credit Consultant.


She successfully raised her score from a 480 to 750. And upon both seeing the process of credit repair as well as the doors that open to good credit, Aneesa committed to equipping others in her community with the same tools. Since then, she started multiple businesses and helped other aspiring entrepreneurs to do so by leveraging their personal credit. As a Certified Credit Consultant, Aneesa educates on strategies to obtain and maintain excellent credit. She has partnered with large industries and created the impactful Credit Enrichment Program: a program that equips consumers with the knowledge and tools to successfully have financial longevity.

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